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eight/SEVEN was born out of our friendship. At the time, we were both Independent Sr. Sales Directors in the same direct sales company and became “friends” on social media. It wasn’t until August 7th, 2017 (Eight Seven), three years after becoming “friends”, that Michaela reached out to me, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

We often describe our relationship as an ‘Unexpected, God-orchestrated Friendship'. Within a short time of being friends, we felt as though our friendship had a special purpose. God’s divine intervention confirmed our calling to use our friendship as a ministry to inspire other life-giving friendships.  

Our name, eight/SEVEN, came from a special moment, a sappy "awwww" moment, when we realized our very first interaction was on August, 7th. Don't women love special dates and anniversaries!? It is not only a friendaversary, we desire for all women to have their own special eight/SEVEN moment with a friend.

So what makes us different?  

We have a unique approach to cultivating depth within friendships through three different opportunities called 8/7 Connect, 8/7 Gatherings, and 8/7 Trips.   Women bond over experiences; girlfriend trips, late night conversations, and the unexpected moments that touch your heart and become lasting memories.  It's about creating the space for women to reconnect with God, to self, and to one another. 

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After three years of being 'friends' on FB, Michaela messaged Mary on 8/7/17. They've talked every day since!


Two months later, Michaela drove to OH to attend Fall Advance with Mary. This is the first time they met! #OHRoomies


In January, 2018, they attended their company's Leadership Conference together in Atlanta, GA! #GARoomies


Time for a selfie! Exactly one year later from the first time they spoke, Mary visited Michaela in PA! #HappyFriendaversary



Our mission is to create, cultivate and appreciate friendships that refresh the soul.  



Our vision is a global movement of women who embody and embrace eight/seven’s mission and values.



Humble. Open.      Transparent. 


meet the co-founders



is a high D and Enneagram 3w2 with a strong exterior and thick-skin. However, secretly and surprisingly to most, she is full of emotions and tears. Raised by two incredible Korean parents who immigrated to the states, Mary is grateful for her life full of freedoms and opportunities as an American while being completely and unapologetically proud of her Korean upbringing and culture.

Being the only girl out of four kids, she is a tom-boy at heart while also indulging in the beauty of all things girly. By day, she is the Director of Operations for a business coaching company and by night (and morning) she fills her time with journaling, "playing" outside with her husband Bryan, and curating/creating content for eight/SEVEN. She loves working out, Kombucha, listening to podcasts, jamming out to worship music (or Kelly Clarkson, wink), discovering new coffee shops, and getting lost in good conversations full of laughter and depth. She loves Jesus and all people. Her heart beats for women and friendships, specifically seeing them flourish and thrive; friendships that refresh the soul. 

"It is because of my profound love for friendship, that I am so dissatisfied with anything less than the best - anything merely friend-ish" (quote from Kelly Needham. I couldn't agree more!)

Connect with her on the gram @marywengh  



is a mother, friend, blossoming author, and visionary leader.  She loves coffee, adventures, spontaneous day trips to the beach, working out, Moscow mules and leading worship. (in that order…just kidding) As the oldest of 4 kids, she was raised by strong parents to love well, live with passion and to use her gifts to glorify God.  

Above all else, she is the mother to the world’s most spiritual and inspiring little girl, Malin Belle.  Sometimes people tease that Malin is the one raising Michaela.  They are the real-life Gilmore Girls.

Michaela’s passion is to share her journey of going through a divorce and abuse and encourages women to seek to find themselves before they seek to find a man.  She believes in the power of friendship and the power of women.  When women come together to lift and empower one another, the world changes.  Michaela is a 7W6 and a pretty even I/D with some S and next to no C. 

Connect with her on the gram @michaelabelle  


meet our board


Without wise leadership people fall; but there is safety in having good counsel - Proverbs 11:14

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Lindsay Altimatre

Allentown, PA
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Alenna Park

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