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hello from mary + michaela

Hi friends!! We are the co-founders of eight /SEVEN, a non-profit organization focused on creating real and raw friendships.

We are two imperfect friends that saw a visible need to bring women together again. Friendship and community are so important yet we've lost the art of true connection. We decided to do something about that…so eight /SEVEN, was born. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and keep scrolling to read more about what we’re up to and how two chicks are changing the friendship game.


How do we live out

the eight / SEVEN




Our mission is to create, cultivate, and appreciate friendships that refresh the soul



Our vision is a global movement of women who embody eight /SEVEN’s mission and values.


Our approach:

We have a unique approach to cultivating depth within friendships through four different opportunities called 8/7 Connect Nights, 8/7 Gatherings, 8/7 Trips, and our virtual get together.…the We Rel8 Podcast. Women bond over experiences; girlfriend trips, late-night conversations, and the unexpected moments that touch your heart and become lasting memories. It's about creating the space for women to reconnect with God, to self, and to one another.


When a woman is encouraged, the world is a better place. 


 History . . .


eight / SEVEN was born out of our friendship. At the time, we were both Independent Sr. Sales Directors in the same direct sales company and connected on social media. It wasn’t until August 7th, 2017 (8/7), three years after becoming social media “friends”, that Michaela reached out to Mary, and as the saying goes…the rest is history.

We often describe our relationship as ‘unexpected and God-orchestrated'. Within a short time of knowing one another, we felt as though our friendship had a special purpose. God’s divine intervention confirmed our calling to use our friendship as a ministry to inspire other life-giving friendships.

Our name, eight / SEVEN, came from a special moment, a sappy "awwww" moment when we realized our very first interaction was on August, 7th. Don't women love special dates and anniversaries!? It is not only a friendaversary, it's a moment. We desire for all women to have their own special eight / SEVEN moment with a friend.